Department Profile
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Plymouth Fire-Rescue is a combination fire department proudly serving the Town of Plymouth.  Our full-time staff includes a fire chief, deputy fire chief, administrative assistant and eight full-time career firefighters providing 24/7 coverage.  All full-time members are nationally registered EMT's and state certified firefighters.  There are 2 firefighter/EMT's on duty 24 hours a day and 2 chief officers on duty Monday-Friday during the day. 

The term combination refers to a department that is comprised of full-time career firefighters, as well as, "on call" members, commonly referred to as the call department.  The "call department" is made up of EMT's and firefighters and is relied upon and activated during simultaneous emergency calls, structure fires or anytime supplemental staff is required.  

Plymouth Fire-Rescue provides fire protection services and emergency medical services for approximately 7,000 residents and 28 square miles in the town of Plymouth.  In addition, we provide emergency medical services to the towns of Ashland, Rumney, Holderness and parts of Bridgewater.  In 2019 Plymouth Fire-Rescue responded to 1744 calls for service ranging from building fires, motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies and rescues.

Our station is located at 42 Highland Street in Plymouth and houses 3 engines, a tower truck, 2 ambulances, a utility pick-up truck, 2 chief officer vehicles, forestry trailer and an air support trailer.  All emergency and administrative functions are performed out of this station.